M1 Princes Hwy/Fwy East

Former Alignments: Tynong North 

Short section of former Princes Hwy

Highway 1 - Victoria | M1 Princes Hwy/Fwy East



As part of the project to duplicate the Princes Highway and convert it to freeway standard between Melbourne and Traralgon, this particular section of highway in Tynong North was bypassed.


The remnants of the former highway, which begins at Brew Rd at 'Gumbuya Park' and ends about a kilometre east, is now a small loop road which also provides as a rest stop.




Current Route Photos

Looking west toward the present freeway at the Gumbuya Park / Brew Rd entrance. Photo: Darren Hodges
Looking east along the section of former highway. Photo: Darren Hodges
Signage along the former alignment indicating that motorist can reach the highway either direction. Photo: Darren Hodges

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