M1 Princes Hwy/Fwy East

Former Alignment: Berwick to Beaconsfield 

Short Princes Hwy alignment

Highway 1 - Victoria | M1 Princes Hwy/Fwy East


The Princes Highway bypassed Berwick and Beaconsfield on 14 December 1983 when the Princes Freeway (Berwick Section) was opened to traffic. The old highway remained shown as “Princes Highway” in Melway street directories for a number of years - edition 27 shows now ‘Old Princes Hwy’. However, Vicroads have officially redeclared the old highway as “Berwick-Beaconsfield Road” and it is known locally as High Street. The route is numbered C101.


AD on Princes Hwy eastbound. May 2005

Heading westbound from M1 Monash Fwy. May 2005

Heading westbound through Berwick.

Start of the duplicated section east of Beaconsfield. July 2005

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