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Princes Hwy East westbound from Bairnsdale. July 2005

Photo: Sam Laybutt



The Princes Highway has traditionally been the route to the Gippsland Lakes and beyond. Serving as the principle route to East Gippsland, the Princes Hwy has a rich history through the region. The Princes Hwy also serves as a scenic coastal route of Victoria's east, and as the second main route to Sydney.


Today, the route passes through major towns such as Sale, Bairnsdale, Lake Entrance and Orbost. It is single carriageway, but overtaking lanes at different along the route. The Princes Hwy is a lifeline to Victoria's East and beyond.


Notable Events:

1920 - Designated Prince's Hwy

1925 - Declared a State Highway

1955 - Given National Route 1 marking

1966 - Genoa and the NSW Border sealed

1977 - Opening of Orbost Bypass

1983 - Cabbage Tree Creek Realignment

1989 - Genoa Bypass

1997 - Route A1 replace National Route 1



Designated Names (as of 2005)

Complete Name List - Column 1 & 2
Road Classification

Column 3

Princes Hwy East Tyers Rd (C477)  - NSW Border Arterial #6510


in Kilometres


Focal Points

Localities used on Signs

Melbourne, Traralgon, Sale, Bairnsdale, Lake Entrance, Orbost, Eden

A1 Western Terminus

NSW Border

A1 Eastern Terminus

Tyers Rd (C477) , Traralgon

Route Numbering

National Route 1 - 1955
A1 - 1997


Route Numbering

M1 Princes Hwy East west of Tyers Rd (C477)

NR1 Princes Hwy northeast of NSW Border


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