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A deviation (the existing highway) was constructed during the 1960s to bypass substandard section of highway with two rail crossings and a narrow bridge across Hospital Creek. The old alignment is now known as (west to east) Johnsons Rd, Old Princes Hwy and Carl Smith Road. The old bridge across Hospital Creek is no longer accessible


Looking West on Carl Smith Rd. Sam Laybutt, July 2005




Opened in 1977, the 7km Orbost Bypass is proclaimed a freeway and thus is completely access controlled. The Bypass replaced the original highway not only through Orbost township but across the Snowy River and its floodplain as far west at Newmerella. A left-in-left-out set up provides access to the old highway on the west side of the river, which can be traced by following Buchan-Orbost Road then Burns Rd to Newmerella. On the east side of the river, the old highway is Nicholson and Salisbury Streets. The old highway bridge was demolished following the completion of the bypass.

Written by Sam Laybutt


The Orbost Bypass plan by the CRB.

Construction of the Orbost Bypass along side the now disused Orbost Rail Line (closed 1987), 1970's.

The old Snowy River Bridge with the new one above, 1977.

The newly opened Orbost bypass in 1977



As part of a programme of upgrading bridges on the Princes Highway east of Cann River, the Genoa Bypass was opened to traffic in July 1989. It replaced a one-lane timber truss bridge across the Genoa River that was nearing the end of its economic life. The Bypass provided a new route bypassing the small town of Genoa, with a flood-free route across the river and floodplain downstream from the original highway bridge. Following the opening of the bypass, the old bridge was closed to vehicular traffic.


Looking west at western end of original Genoa alignment. Sam Laybutt, July 2005

Old wooden bridge across Genoa River. Sam Laybutt, July 2005

Westbound on old alignment before Genoa. Sam Laybutt, July 2005

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