Statewide Route Numbering Scheme
  The MABC / Alphanumeric route numbering for regional Victoria
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Advance Directional Sign on B500 Great Alpine Rd before C534. B500 was the first B Route to be signed.
April 2005
  The Statewide Route Numbering Scheme (SRNS) was introduced in 1996 as new revolutionary route numbering system for rural Victorian roads. The main difference between the SRNS and conventional route numbering is that SRNS not only accounts for a specific route number, but also denotes the road's grade and network importance. Today, alphanumeric routes have been fully signed in rural Victoria - starting with the Northeast of the state in 1996, and finishing in Western Victoria in 2003. New routes are added periodically when new roads are built.

Victoria's alphanumeric routes are based on the standards developed Austroads, where in May 1997, an agreement was made between all state road authorities and transport ministers to change all of Australia's route numbering to the alphanumeric system. Victoria is the second state in Australia in adopting the new system, with Tasmania being the first in 1979/80. The system revolves around four types of classifications - prefixed with the letters M, A, B and C. Each of these prefix provides a classification based on the road's quality and the importance strategically to the network. This is explained more thoroughly in the Classification and Numbering System section.

The letter grade system is loosely based on the the European and British route numbering systems, and to the Tasmanian system to an extent.

In addition to rural areas, a handful of outer metropolitan routes and major freeways have been converted to the new system. Examples are the Monash Fwy, West Gate Fwy and Citylink (M1) and Western and Metropolitan Ring Roads (NHM80 / M80).

  Classification & Numbering
- M, A, B, C classification guidelines.
- Numbering of routes.
- Guidelines which affect the operation of the system.

M Routes

Index of all current M Routes

A Routes
Index of all current A Routes

B Routes

Index of all current B Routes

C Routes
Index of all current C Routes
System Installation Part 1:
1996 - 1997: Introduction
- Original route numbering plans
- The first routes to be signed

System Installation Part 2:
1997 - 2003
: Implementation
- Modifications from first plans
- Continual rolling out of the system across regional Victoria
- Alphanumeric Routes at the fringe of Melbourne Metropolitan Area

Situation Today (2003 ->)
- Latest changes
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