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Designated Names
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Road Classification
Column 3
Queens Park Road Belmont-Corio Road, Newtown - Barrabool Road Highton
Arterial #5895
Barrabool Road Queens Park Road, Highton - North Valley Road Highton Arterial #5064
North Valley Road Barrabool Road, Highton - Roslyn Road, Highton Arterial #5689
South Valley Road Roslyn Road, Highton - Corio-Waurn Ponds Road, Grovedale Arterial #5942
Pioneer Road Corio-Waurn Ponds Road, Grovedale - Surfcoast Highway, Grovedale Arterial #5941
in Kilometres
Northern Terminus Belmont-Corio Road, Newtown
Southern Terminus Surfcoast Highway, Grovedale
Year of Introduction 1999
Status UNSIGNED - Queens Park Road and Barrabool Road sections only
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