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A1/A200 Intersection Direction signs at Heywood.
April 2005
'A' roads provide a similar high standard [to M routes] of driving conditions on a single carriageway. 'A' roads serve the same purpose as 'M' roads, but carry less traffic. [1]

Number of Signed A Routes


Number of Unsigned A Routes


Number of National Highway A Routes


Total Length (Signed Routes)
2572 km
Longest Signed A Routes
A1 (combined) - 698 km; A79 (single continuous) - 452 km
Shortest Signed A Route
A780 - 16.4 km
  A routes form the principal links between provincial centres not covered by M routes. The majority of A routes are single carriageway roads, having full delineation, sealed shoulders and overtaking opportunities.

ten A Routes have been designated across the state. In the terms of network importance, A routes perform the same purpose as M routes, the only substantial difference is that of lower traffic volumes.

The highways listed below have an A route number based on its previous National Route/Highway number. This is the case as interstate routes retain their number for consistency across the border[2] (eg. Calder Freeway's NR79 became A79). There are five of these such routes:
SRNS Former number Route
A1 National Route 1 Princes Highway (East & West)
NHA8 National Highway 8 Western Freeway / Highway
NHA20 National Highway 20 Sturt Highway
NHA39 National Highway 39 Goulburn Valley Highway
A79 National Route 79 Calder Highway
  Other A routes serve the purpose of major intra-state though routes such as the A200 Henty Highway, A300 Midland Highway, A420 Bass Highway and A440 South Gippsland Highway.

The majority of A routes were signed in 1997, with the 'newest' A route being A440 in 2003. Initially, the South Gippsland Highway was B440, but with route upgrades such as the Loch Bypass and numerous realignments, the route was promoted. The next route planned for introduction is the A10 along the current alignment of the Princes Hi
ghway between Corio and Waurn Ponds. It will replace M1 which will be moved onto the Geelong Ring Road when it opens.[2]

A routes include the road's name on reassurance direction signs.
  Signed Routes  

Princes Freeway/Highway
Waurn Ponds - SA Border, Traralgon - NSW Border
Western Freeway/Highway
Miners Rest (Ballarat) - SA Border (Serviceton)

Sturt Highway
SA Border - NSW Border (Mildura)
Goulburn Valley Highway
Tabilk - Wahring, Arcadia - NSW Border (Koonoomoo)

Calder Highway
Elphinstone - NSW Border (Yelta)
Henty Highway
Portland - Horsham
Midland Highway
Geelong West - Benalla
Bass Highway
Grantville - Anderson
South Gippsland Highway
Lang Lang - Sale
Western Port Highway
Langwarrin - Tyabb
Calder Alternative Highway
Ravenswood - Marong
  Proposed Routes  
via Princes Highway
Corio - Waurn Ponds
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[2] Correspondence from Vicroads staff, March 2007 and December 2007.

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