State Route 91
   Geelong - Queenscliff via Bellarine Highway
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Reassurance Directional Sign (RD) eastbound from Moolap Station Road.
Photo courtesy Vicroads. April 1998


Designated Names

Name List - Column 1 & 2
Current Route Number (Post 1998)

Column 3

Ryrie Street

Princes Highway, Geelong - Swanston Street, Geelong


Sydney Pde

Swanston Street, Geelong - Garden Street, Geelong


Ormond Road

Swanston Street, East Geelong - Boundary Road, Newcomb

B110 (South of McKillop Street)

Bellarine Highway

Princes Highway, Geelong - Larkin Pde, Queenscliff



in Kilometres


Eastern Terminus

Larkin Pde, Queenscliff

Western Terminus

Princes Highway, Geelong


1986 - 1998


State Route 91 is an east - west route running between Geelong and Queenscliff, following the Bellarine Highway through the Bellarine Peninsula. It was introduced in 1986 as part of State Route Numbering in the South West Region, and was the highest two-digit state route. SR91 started at the intersection of National Route 1 (Princes Highway) and State Route 106 (Hamilton Highway) in central Geelong, and ended at the intersection of Wharf Street and Hygeia Dr in Queenscliff. It has become apparent that signage at the eastern extremity of the route did not include any SR91 shields.

Bellarine Highway is 4 laned dual carriageway from Geelong to Wallington, and 2 laned single carriageway beyond that point to Queenscliff.

SR91 signage remained up till about March 1998, and was replaced by B110 in the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme soon after between McKillop Street and Hygeia Dr. This coincided with the Bellarine Highway being decommissioned through the Geelong City Centre and moved south onto McKillop Street. The section of SR91 between Princes Highway and McKillop Street through the city centre was replaced by C123. Between Ryrie Street and McKillop Street, the current route is unsigned.

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