State Route 182
  Strzelecki Hwy
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Northeast-bound on Strzelecki Hwy before Driffield.
Taken 2005. Photo courtesy Sam Laybutt.

Designated Names
Name List - Column 1 & 2
Current Route Number (Post 1998)

Column 3

Strzelecki Highway South Gippsland Highway, Leongatha - Princes Freeway, Morwell B460


in Kilometres


Northern Terminus

Princes Freeway, Morwell

Southern Terminus

South Gippsland Highway, Leongatha


1990 - 1997

  Start Route 182 followed the Strzelecki Highway between Morwell and Leongatha, linking Wilsons Promontory and the Bass Strait coast with the Latrobe Valley. The Strzelecki Highway is named after Pawel Edmund Strzelecki, a Polish explorer who traversed South Gippsland in the 1800's.

The route was a later addition to the State Route Numbering System, introduced at the same time as the proclamation of the Strzelecki Highway as a state highway in 1990. Along with SR188 (Hyland Hwy), it replaced the former Midland Highway's role as a north - south route through South Gippsland.

The route is entirely single carriageway, with full linemarking, and narrow in some sections.

In 1997, SR182 was replaced by B460 along its entirety.

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