State Route 173
  Taggerty - Thornton Road
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Designated Names
Name List - Column 1 & 2
Current Route Number (Post 1998)

Column 3

Taggerty - Thornton Road

Maroondah Highway, Taggerty - Goulburn Valley Highway, Thornton



in Kilometres


Western Terminus

Maroondah Highway, Taggerty

Eastern Terminus

Goulburn Valley Highway, Thornton


1986 - 1998

  Start Route 173 was a short connector route between the Maroondah Hwy at Taggerty and the Goulburn Valley Hwy at Thronton. It provided a quicker route to Lake Eildon from the Maroondah Hwy.

The route is entirely single carriageway.

In 1998, SR173 was replaced by C515.

Further Reading

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Westbound on Taggerty - Thornton Road before Maroondah Highway.
Taken 2007.
Eastbound on Taggerty - Thornton Road from Taggerty.
Taken 2007.
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