State Route 168
   Goulburn Valley Hwy
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Reassurance Direction Sign eastbound 32 km from Yea.
Vicroads photo - 1995. Courtesy Sam Laybutt

Designated Names
Name List - Column 1 & 2
Current Route Number (Post 1998)

Column 3

Goulburn Valley Highway

Hume Freeway, Seymour - Maroondah Highway, Koriella

B340 / B300

Maroondah Highway Goulburn Valley Highway, Koriella - Goulburn Valley Highway, Alexandra B340
Goulburn Valley Highway Goulburn Valley Highway, Alexandra - Eildon Road, Eildon B340


in Kilometres


Western Terminus

Hume Freeway, Seymour

Eastern Terminus

Eildon Road, Eildon


1986 - 1998


Route - Column 1
Path - Column 2
Length (km) - Column 3

State Route 153 Melba Highway, Yea - Maroondah Link Highway, Cathkin 18

Former Route Numbers

Route & Period - Column 1
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Length (km) - Column 3

National Route 31
(1955 - 1974)
Tallarook Street, Seymour - Seymour-Avenel Rd, Seymour 4
National Highway 31
(1974 - 1982)
Tallarook Street, Seymour - Seymour-Avenel Rd, Seymour 4
National Route 39
(1956 - 1982)
Seymour-Avenel Rd, Seymour - Goulburn Valley Highway, Seymour 1

State Route 168 (SR168) was an east - west route stretching from Seymour to Lake Eildon, paralleling the Goulburn River. It formed as the major thoroughfare through the towns of Yea and Alexandra, as well as many other smaller farming communities. The Goulburn Valley Highway is split into two, with a section of the Maroondah Highway acquiring the route between Koriella and Alexandra. The entire route was a typical for rural highway - a two-lane single carriageway with full linemarking.

The western portion of SR168 was the primary highway to Lake Eildon, a popular water recreation spot.

SR168 was the terminus of SR34 at Alexandra and SR173 at Thornton. Between Yea and
Cathkin, SR153 duplexed with SR168.

  In 1998, the SR168 route was replaced by two routes as part of the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme:
- B340 along its entirety;
- B300 between Yea and Cathkin (replacing SR153 along the duplex).

Map - as of 1998:

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