State Route 156
Ovens Highway

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Snow Resorts RD eastbound on Ovens Highway.
Vicroads photo - 1996.


Designated Names

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Current Route Number (Post 1998)

Column 3

Ovens Highway

Wangaratta Road - Mill Road


Alpine Road Mill Road - Alpine Road B500


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Northern Terminus

Wangaratta Road (declared as Hume Highway pre-1994), Wangaratta

Southern Terminus

Omeo Highway, Omeo


1986 - 1996


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State Route 160 Glenrowan-Myrtleford Road, Gapsted - Happy Valley Road, Ovens  11


State Route 156 began at the intersection with Wangaratta Rd in Wangaratta, heading across the picturesque Great Dividing Range to Omeo on the other side. The entire route was a typical rural single carriageway, with unsealed sections at Hotham Heights and between Dinner Plain and Cobungra. In addition, the route was classified as a state highway (Ovens Highway) and as a Main Road (Alpine Road). Prior to 1994, the Ovens Highway between Bright and the Towonga turnoff was declared as Bright - Towonga Road, and as Alpine Road southwards towards Harrietville and beyond. The Ovens Highway and Alpine Road were amalgamation and renamed as the Great Alpine Road in 1997.

The route's primary purpose was to serve the region along the Ovens Valley, namely the townships of Mytleford and Bright, as well the snowfield in Victoria's High Plains in the winter months. State Route 156 formed a cross country link from North Eastern Victoria to East Gippsland.   

In 1996, the route was progressively replaced by B500 in the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme. Route B500 was the first B route to be signed in Victoria as part of the trial of the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme in North Eastern Victoria. By 1998, the whole route had been sealed.

Further Reading
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Snow Resorts Reassurance Direction Sign eastbound on Ovens Highway.
Vicroads photo - 1996. Courtesy of Sam Laybutt
Intersection Direction Sign at the interesction of Ovens Highway and Mt Buffalo Road.
Vicroads photo - 1995. Courtesy of Sam Laybutt
Reassurance Direction Sign southeastbound on Ovens Highway.
Vicroads photo - 1995. Courtesy of Sam Laybutt
Reassurance Direction Sign eastbound from Hume Freeway.
Vicroads photo - 1995. Courtesy of Sam Laybutt

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