State Route 106
  Hamilton Highway
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Intersection Direction Sign assembly - complete with black sign, topknot and fingerboard. Darlington Road / Hamilton Highway intersection.
November 1998. Photo courtesy of Doug Blackwell, VicRoads.

Designated Names
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Hamilton Highway Glenelg Highway, Hamilton - Princes Highway, Geelong B140


in Kilometres


Eastern Terminus

Glenelg Highway, Hamilton

Western Terminus

Princes Highway West, Warrnambool


1986 - 1998

  State Route 106 (SR106) was introduced in 1986 along the Hamilton Highway between the Princes Highway in Geelong and the Glenelg Highway at Hamilton. SR106 provided an inland route to Warrnambool and South Australia from Geelong, and, as the name suggests, is the most direct route between Geelong and Hamilton.

Many of the black non-reflective signs along the route were produced in 1983 and 1985, and the initial signing of SR106 was done via topknots (standalone route shield with direction arrow) attached to those signs. Reflective green signs that included the route number shield first appeared along the Hamilton Highway in 1986.

Hamilton Highway is two-lane single carriageway.

In 1998, the entire route was replaced by B140 in the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme.
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  B140 Hamilton Highway
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