State Route 104
  Hopkins Highway
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Reassurance Direction Sign northbound on Hopkins Highway from Botanic Road in Warrnambool.
September 1998. Photo courtesy of Doug Blackwell, VicRoads.

Designated Names
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Successive Route Number

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Hopkins Highway Hamilton Highway, Mortlake - Princes Highway, Warrnambool B120


in Kilometres


Northern Terminus

Hamilton Highway, Mortlake

Southern Terminus

Princes Highway West, Warrnambool


1990 - 1998

  State Route 104 (SR104) was introduced in December 1990 to coincide with the proclamation of the Hopkins Highway as a State Highway [1]. SR104 followed the entire length of the Hopkins Highway, providing a link between the Princes Highway at Warrnambool and the Hamilton Highway at Mortlake.

Hopkins Highway is two-lane single carriageway, travelling in close proximity to the Hopkins River.

In 1998, the entire route was replaced by B120 in the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme.
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  B120 Hopkins Highway
  [1] Victorian Government Gazette; 1990; pp. 3783  
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