State Route 100
  Great Ocean Road
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Reassurance Direction Sign eastbound on Great Ocean Road from Timboon - Peterborough Road.
September 1996. Photo courtesy of Doug Blackwell, VicRoads.

Designated Names
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Successive Route Number

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Surfcoast Highway Princes Highway, Belmont - Spring Creek Bridge, Torquay B100
Great Ocean Road Spring Creek Bridge, Torquay - Princes Highway, Allansford B100
Princes Highway West Great Ocean Road, Allansford - Henty Highway, Bolwarra A1
Henty Highway  Princes Highway, Bolwarra - Madeira Packet Road, Portland A200


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Eastern Terminus

Madeira Packet Road, Portland

Western Terminus

Princes Highway West, Belmont


1986 - 1998


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National Route 1
Great Ocean Road, Allansford - Henty Highway, Bolwarra 106
State Route 107
Princes Highway, Bolwarra - Madeira Packet Road, Portland 9
  Introduced in 1986, State Route 100 (SR100) followed the Victorian southwest coastline from Geelong to Portland, including the entire 240 km of the Great Ocean Road. It is the most prominent tourist route to have been given a State Route number. The first 20 km of SR100 was via the Surfcoast Highway connecting Geelong to the start of the Great Ocean Road at Torquay, while the last 115 km connected the western end of the Great Ocean Road to Portland via the Princes and Henty Highways.

SR100 traversed one of Australia's most rugged coastlines, home to one of Victoria's most prominent tourist attractions, the Twelve Apostles. Because of the nature of the south-western coast, the Great Ocean Road is quite windy, with large portions of the road cutting through cliffs.

Prior to 1990, the eastern terminus of SR100 was at the intersection of High Street and Corio Street, 1.2 km north up Torquay Road from Settlement Road. At the time, High Street was part of the Princes Highway (National Route 1) prior to its realignment via Settlement Road. The new alignment of the Princes Highway along Settlement Road became SR100's new terminus.

The duplex with National Route 1 and State Route 107 was not part of original State Route Numbering plans, but came about from political 'medelling'. When SR100 was introduced, the local member for Portland wanted the Princes Highway renamed the "Great Ocean Road" from Allansford to Portland. This was deemed unacceptable by VicRoads, who insisted it was inappropriate as the Princes Highway was more synonymous with National Route 1 (plus I also suspect that such a change would also mean more unnecessary 'paperwork' when it came to maintenance issues). As a compromise, SR100 was extended along the Princes and Henty Highways forming the duplexes with National Route 1 and SR107.[1]

In 1998, B100 replaced SR100 along the Surfcoast Highway and Great Ocean Road, and SR100 was removed from both the Princes Highway and Henty Highway. B100 could be considered a loop route of M/A1 under the Statewide Route Numbering Scheme.
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  [1] Correspondence with VicRoads staff in 2006.  
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